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4 Reasons Your AC Is Not Cooling And How To Fix It?

When your air conditioner is blowing hot air,  it is a signal that something is wrong with your AC unit. There could be a number of reasons why your AC isn’t cooling your home as efficiently as it should be. Whatever the reason, it’s important to get air conditioning repairs in Mississauga, ON as soon as possible so you can enjoy cool, comfortable indoor temperatures all summer long.

Here Are A Few Reasons Why Your AC Unit May Not Be Cooling Properly:

1. Compressor Failure

A compressor is an essential part of an air conditioning unit because it controls refrigerant flow between the evaporator section. As a result, a damaged compressor cannot adequately cool the air. Our experts at Martino HVAC can help you solve this problem by inspecting your compressor and replacing it, if necessary.

To keep your air conditioning running smoothly all year long, it’s important to schedule regular maintenance and tune-ups so we can catch issues early on and repair anything that needs it before it breaks down. Do you know how frequently you should have your air conditioner inspected? Well, you should do it every three months to improve the efficiency and outcome of your air conditioning unit. An untended AC system can cause your electric bills to skyrocket and be incapable of cooling your home.

As a result, it is important to take proper care of the system to reduce the possibility of costly air conditioner maintenance and upkeep. If it’s been a while since you’ve had your AC inspected, book an appointment for service today!

2. Low Refrigerant Concentration

If your air conditioner isn’t cooling, it could be because the refrigerant is leaking. Refrigerant is a liquid that absorbs the heat from the surrounding atmosphere, and when it’s less than it should be or missing altogether, your air conditioner will not cool.
To avoid this problem, have your air conditioning serviced regularly. This problem can be identified by signs such as hissing or fizzing noises and ice buildup on the outside unit. If you notice any of these signs, contact our professionals to repair the leak and top off your refrigerant.

3. Dirty Air Filters

One of the most common reasons for an AC unit to blow hot air is a dirty air filter. The air filter catches all the dirt, dust and debris that can accumulate in your home’s ductwork. Over time, the air filter can become clogged with all this debris, which restricts airflow and makes it harder for your AC unit to do its job.

To fix this problem, simply replace the air filter with a new one. If you have a reusable filter, clean it, and re-insert it. We recommend checking your air filters every three months at the very least, but if you run your system more often or have pets, it’s a good idea to inspect your air filters more frequently.

4. Obstructed Condenser

Another potential reason for your AC unit to blow hot air is an obstructed condenser. The condenser is the part of the AC unit that helps to cool and compress the refrigerant. If the condenser becomes obstructed by dirt, debris or even overgrown vegetation, it can’t do its job properly and your AC unit will blow hot air. To fix this problem, simply clear away any obstructions from the condenser.

Are you facing issues with your home’s air conditioning device? Our experts at Martino HVAC are there at your service. We offer services such as AC maintenance, tune-ups, repairs, replacements, and air conditioning installation in Oakville and surrounding areas. To learn more or to schedule AC service, call us at 647-277-9680 or email us at [email protected]