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Air Filtration: Take A Deep Breath, Martino HVAC Has You Covered

Breathing is a reflex and keeping your indoor air quality high should be too. After all, we filter our water and put screens on our doors. So why shouldn’t we do the same for our air?

FiltrationWith the most appropriate air filtration products for your HVAC system, you can improve the air quality in your home, keeping pollutants and particles to a minimum.

There are many options for air filtration ranging from HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration to more basic filters that need to be replaced each month.

DMH900 Whole-House HEPA Air Cleaner from Goodman

FiltrationThe DMH900 Whole-House Air Cleaner uses HEPA, UVC germicidal lights (non-ozone producing) and CinQuartz® Photo-Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) to filter and sterilize the air. This unit removes and destroys allergens and atmospheric dust, as well as biological and chemical contaminants and odors. The DMH900 can be mounted in a variety of positions: duct-mounted, collar-mounted, or free-standing.

Daikin offers a comprehensive lineup of air filter products and clean room equipment crucial to various industries including semi-conductors, precision equipment, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, food and building HVAC systems.