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Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor in Barrie, ON

Barrie, ON HVAC Company: AC & Furnace Installation, Repair, Replacement, Tune-Up, and Maintenance Services

People think that buying the best HVAC system in the market is sufficient. They don’t realize that the HVAC system will work efficiently and effectively only when it is in good condition. If you want your HVAC system to provide its services for more than 15-20 years, you’ll need to hire the best HVAC and furnace service company in Barrie! 

Martino HVAC is here in Barrie to provide its impeccable HVAC services to the folks here! You’ll never have to go anywhere else for your HVAC requests because we are here to help you out. 

Martino HVAC

With a simple mission and vision in our eyes, we founded Martino in 1987. We feel proud and delighted to share that we have installed more than 200,000 HVAC systems in the past several years. 

Our founder Mike Martino intended to give families and residents the improved and stellar HVAC services they deserve. He wished to assemble a firm that would provide the quality comfort everybody wishes for in terms of their HVAC expectations.

We service our clients with the help of our expert technicians and updated tools and machinery. We try our best to provide convenient and satisfactory  HVAC services to our clientele. Now, we are one of the leading HVAC service providers in the region!

Why us? 

Hard work pays off in ways one can never imagine. We have given our best to earn people’s trust and confidence. We stand tall and proud because of our satisfied customer base, and we won’t let you down!

Below are the reasons why you should contact our furnace services in Barrie

  • Skilled technicians 

At Martino HVAC, all the technicians are skilled and professional at their jobs. They are certified and appropriately trained to serve the people with the best HVAC services. 

  • Optimum services 

When it comes to providing HVAC services, Martino HVAC is the best! Whether it is air conditioning installation in Barrie or furnace installation in Barrie, Martino HVAC’s services are incomparable and worthwhile.

  • Reasonable rates  

HVAC repairs can branch over more than $100. No doubt, HVAC services come at significantly costly prices. However, at Martino HVAC, we provide high-grade services at reasonable prices. Moreover, we give priority to quality service, not to cost. 

  • Variety of HVAC services 

At Martino HVAC, you’ll get a variety of services at one stop. No need to call different HVAC companies for every other problem. Call Martino HVAC to get a variety of HVAC services at a single destination! 

  • At your service 24×7 

We are here for our customers 24×7 with our expert assistance and services. So, if your HVAC system stops working even late at night, we’ll make our way to your residence promptly. All you need to do is ring us at (647) 277-9425! 

Our services 

Like we mentioned earlier, we have a variety of services available in our store. The services that we provide are: 

  1. Air conditioning    
  2. Heating    
  3. Indoor air quality     
  4. Heat pumps  
  5. Ductless 
  6. Fireplaces   
  7. Duct cleaning and sealing 
  8. Smart thermostat and control system 

When you call Martino HVAC for work, you can relax because we will handle it from there!

Air conditioning installation services in Barrie

In the summer, it feels like the temperature boils down to the maximum. Every year, the heat breaks records. A perfectly working air conditioner helps endure the overwhelming heat. 

Martin HVAC is here to ensure your family doesn’t have to face the slightest discomfort in the summers. We are here to ensure your HVAC air conditioning system works flawlessly. 

Here are some services that we provide other than air conditioning installation in Barrie

  1. Air conditioning repair in Barrie   
  2. Air conditioning replacement in Barrie
  3. Air conditioning service in Barrie   
  4. Air conditioning maintenance in Barrie   
  5. Air conditioning tune-up in Barrie     

Visit our website to know more about Martino HVAC’s air conditioning services in Barrie

Furnace Installation in Barrie 

If in the summer, the temperature soars to the maximum. Likewise in the winter it tries to be the minimum. Each year, it tries to hit the lowest low! 

Covering yourself up in layers of clothes and sweaters won’t work on freezing snowing nights. You also require the assistance of the furnace to help you get through the winters. 

But no need to worry when Martino HVAC is there to help you! If your HVAC heating system stops in the middle of the night, we will reach your residence with our optimum heating services in Barrie in no time! 

Here are some services that we provide in the Barrie heating repair center: 

  1. Heating service
  2. Heating repair 
  3. Heating maintenance   
  4. Heating replacement  
  5. In-floor heating   

How to check if the flame sensor needs your attention? 

It is the flame sensor that is behind the problem of inadequate heating. Here is a quick guide on the furnace’s flame sensor by the experts of Martino HVAC

The purpose of the flame sensor is to detect the presence of flame in the furnace. If the flame sensor doesn’t sense the fire, it will shut down the gas valve. A poor flame sensor is unable to detect the flame. As a result, it is unable to shut down the gas valve. It could lead to gas leakage in the house. 

Signs that your flame sensor needs attention 

  • Short heating cycle  
  • Cracked porcelain on the flame sensor 
  • Dusty or sooty flame sensor  

Contact our technicians at  (647) 277-9680 for emergency furnace service in Barrie if you find any of these signs! 

Fireplaces by Martino HVAC in Barrie 

Your’e sitting in front of a fireplace on a snowy evening, wrapped in a blanket, holding a coffee cup in one hand, and your favorite book in another. However, your fireplace is broken!

When you have Martino HVAC with you, all your HVAC-related desires can come true! We have partnered with Timeless Millers to provide you with your dream fireplace in your residence. Timeless Millers specializes in designing gorgeous fireplace mantel art pieces for your home. 

Visit our webpage to learn more about the fireplace and the maintenance services that we provide in Barrie!