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Why Hire a Pro?

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Why Hire a Pro?

Replacing aspects of your home comfort system is a big decision to make, especially due to how big these investments usually are. Because of the toll these systems take on your wallet, it can be tempting to attempt to install them on your own in an effort to save some money on installation. Martino HVAC is here today to tell you why you should hire a pro. The benefits of the service far outweigh any money you may save in the moment and you’ll be grateful for the expert who will get your systems installed just right.

  • A professional can help you choose the correct system for your home: Oftentimes, customers will buy supporting systems for their HVAC, like humidifiers or thermostats. However, it’s vital that the humidifier or thermostat fits your home’s requirements (according to size and your family’s needs) precisely in order to work. The best way you can ensure that you are purchasing the correct product is by consulting a professional.
  • A professional can educate you on the best way to get great quality air within your home: Many homeowners don’t know that their indoor air is actually quite polluted, but that there are several ways to significantly improve the air quality within your home. When you hire a pro, you’ll have someone assess your home and help you select the best air filtration and purifying systems. A professional will know where to install your new units and explain proper care and maintenance so you always have clean air indoors.
  • If you attempt installation yourself, your warranty could become invalid: Many HVAC companies offer limited parts warranties of up to 12 years, which is pretty great. However, if you start tinkering with your unit yourself, you could cause damage that would nullify your warranty and force you to pay out of pocket for future parts replacements and repairs. A lot of warranties require maintenance to be performed by a certified technician to remain valid, so it’s definitely something you need to consider before you choose to make any adjustments yourself.

Sometimes, DIY installations or other HVAC system work can even lead to system inefficiency and unexpected repairs, resulting in a lot more money out of your pocket.

Martino HVAC is committed to helping our customers with all of your HVAC needs in any way we can. We are happy to help with any maintenance or service your home comfort systems require.

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