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When You Should Call For A Furnace Tune-Up?

All machines need frequent tune-ups to keep them in their best possible condition and to maintain their efficiency, and the same goes for furnaces. We use our furnaces a lot in the winter season, and this can lead to its wear and tear if it is an older model.

You can call a company to get heating service in Toronto for the regular tune-up of your furnace, but before contacting them, you should know when you should tune up your furnace.

When to Call a Technician?

On average, you should call your company for heating repair in Oakville each year, before the start of the winter season. The technician will check for any technical issues and problems in the furnace and clean it up to remove all dirt and dust. Not only will this maintain the efficiency of the furnace system, but also it will ensure that all the parts are in the best condition.

A yearly tune-up can also save you from big expenditures that you might have incurred after using the furnace. If your system is new and has been working for 5 to 7 years, a yearly tune-up is enough. But if the furnace is slowly approaching 10 years of the working period, you may consider calling the company for heating repair in Missisuaaga after every 6 months.

What Does the Technician Do?

You may wonder what the technician does with your furnace as you pay them $80 to $150 according to the model, its age, and current position. Here are some of the services that the technician provides you during the tune-up –

  • The technician thoroughly checks the vent system for any blockage or leakages. The vents are an important part of the heating system, and if they have any problems, your home will not warm up efficiently. The checking of the vents includes the inside and outside checking of the vents along with their thorough cleaning.
  • The technician checks the levels of the combustion gases in the furnace to ensure that they are according to the needs of the furnace model. If the gases are not enough, the furnace will not generate any heat and will not warm up the house.
  • The technician analyzes the access door of the blower and ensures that it is properly sealed to prevent any leakages.
  • The technician further checks and cleans the intake grills of fresh air and the louvers. They should not have any blockages, or else they may affect the working efficiency of the furnace system.
  • The technician checks if there is any corrosion or rust on the heat exchanger. If there is any rust or irreparable damage to the heat exchanger, your technician will suggest you replace it with a new one.

A yearly tune-up of furnace systems can be costly even though they are necessary. Let Martino provide you regular furnace services at nominal rates. Look for Toronto heating service, or contact us at (647)-277-9635.