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What Do EnerGuide and Energy Star Labels Mean on Air Conditioners?

energy star lables

What Do EnerGuide and Energy Star Labels Mean on Air Conditioners?

There are a number of different ratings and labels on HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) equipment. If you’ve been looking at air conditioner replacement, you’ll definitely have noticed the EnerGuide and/or ENERGY STAR labels on certain units.

Here’s a quick overview of the different energy efficiency labels you might encounter during your next air conditioner purchase:


EnerGuide is Canada’s energy efficiency labeling program and rating system for major appliances including room air conditioners and central AC units. This voluntary label displays the model type and SEER rating of different cooling systems.

At the bottom of the label, there is also an indicator that shows where the model falls on an energy efficiency scale compared against similar models. This allows consumers to easily compare efficiency across different systems.


The ENERGY STAR initiative is a voluntary partnership between the Canadian government and industries to promote energy efficiency. When consumers see an ENERGY STAR label on products and equipment, they know the product meets or exceeds high efficiency standards.

If you’re looking at AC replacement, make sure to look at the EnerGuide labels and ensure that your cooling system has an ENERGY STAR certification to see lower monthly bills.

Martino HVAC is proud to carry ENERGY STAR certified air conditioners and offer our clients the best cooling systems in the market.

Contact us today with any questions you have about EnerGuide, ENERGY STAR or air conditioner replacement—we’re always happy to help!

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Sample EnerGuide Labels from Natural Resources Canada