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How to Reset an Air Conditioner?

Resetting the AC safety switch can be done for various reasons, but the most important is a tripped breaker. Like most other electrical appliances, an air conditioner has a safety switch circuit breaker that safeguards your device by turning it down quickly when an overload is detected. This will prevent an electrical fire from happening.

Following a power outage, the rapid increase in electrical voltage can trigger an excess in your unit’s circuit. A circuit breaker is activated at this point. However, your air conditioner may not perform as well as it did before a breaker was tripped. If it’s set to a cool temperature, but you’re only getting warm air, a fast reset may be all you need.

How Can you Restart your Air Conditioner?

  • Turn the Unit Off 

The first thing one can do is turn off your air conditioner. To begin, make sure your thermostat is set to “off.” After that, turn your air conditioner off. This can be accomplished by locating the AC unit’s cutoff switch or disconnect box located outside near the unit. It is a small grey box. Shutting down your device is a vital safety measure that you should always do. Or, most homeowners prefer help from professional air conditioning service Mississauga.

  • Find the Circuit Breaker Box

The next step suggested by specialists of Mississauga air conditioning installation is locating the air conditioner’s circuit breaker box, also known as the electrical panel . Typically, this box is found in basements or garages. If it is labeled “Air Con” or “AC”, turn off the switch be flicking it the opposite direction of the way its facing.

  • Wait

Please wait for a few seconds after you’ve switched it OFF. After an entire minute is over, please return it to the ON position.

  • Restart the Unit

HVAC professionals like air conditioning service Mississauga advise you to wait for another minute once you have switched ON the device. This enables the unit to self-reset. Turn the air conditioner back on once an entire minute has passed.

  • Check to See Whether it’s Working

After adjusting the thermostat, it is advised to double-check that the problem has been resolved. Set the thermostat to the temperature you want and wait a few minutes. If you detect cool air coming from your vents, you can rest assured that your air conditioner is in good operating order.

If you need to reset your air conditioner, follow these simple steps. But, there are many situations where resetting the air conditioner is not recommended. In addition, certain air conditioners require a different procedure for resetting the system.

Martino HVAC is happy to assist with circuit breaker difficulties, locating the reset button on your outdoor unit, or more sophisticated issues such as those stated above. To schedule all of your air conditioning installation Mississauga and heating requirements, contact us at 905-760-9894 or leave us a mail here!