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Here’s Why Your AC Has Stopped Blowing Cold Air

Every homeowner’s greatest dread has come true. Your air conditioner isn’t pumping cold air, and the temperature is rising. Things may get messy and unpleasant quickly unless you can discover the problem and address it immediately. You realize you should have checked your air conditioner before switching it on, but don’t make yourself any more unhappy.

It is the most common request for assistance from AC repair in Toronto. Here are five reasons why your AC unit might have stopped blowing cold air –

1. Check the Thermostat

An unruly air conditioner is frequently the result of a malfunctioning thermostat. Your thermostat might not be turning on because it’s set to a higher temperature. For instance, suppose the temperature is 24°C, and your air conditioner is set to 28°C. It’s also possible that it’s not cooling since it is set to ‘Auto’ rather than ‘On’.
Then, reprogramed your thermostat to a few degrees colder than the house’s temperature. Set it to 20°C, for example, if your house registers at 25°C. You’ll be able to detect a difference this way. It will take a few minutes for you to sense any chilly air, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t. Stick your palm over the vents after you’ve waited to check whether you can feel the chilly air.

2. Is Your AC Filter Clean?

Your filter may not seem to play a role in your air conditioner not blowing cold air, but it does. If you haven’t been testing and replacing your air filter regularly, it’s likely highly blocked. A blocked filter will reduce the amount of air that enters your home. It means you’ll notice not only a loss of chilly air but also a little more dust and a general feeling of stuffiness.

3. Check for Mechanical Problems

Air conditioners, like other things, undergo regular wear and tear over time. It indicates that it may have a mechanical problem at some point throughout its lifetime.

If your AC unit isn’t functioning perfectly (or at all), and you’ve examined your thermostat and filter, the issue could be mechanical. You must call for an AC repair in Mississauga right away to look into the system’s intricacies.

4. Is There a Refrigerant Leak?

The refrigerant is shifted back and forth between the outside and inside air conditioning unit. Since it never dries out, you will never have to refill it or top it off. When a refrigerant leak develops, however, there is an insufficient refrigerant to absorb heat efficiently. As a result, you’ll notice a reduction in the chilly air.

5. What is Your Maintenance Schedule?

Many homeowners believe that annual upkeep isn’t required. On the hotter days of the year, these are the same homes that experience unexpected breakdowns, pricey repairs, and no air conditioning. Preventive maintenance can help avoid your AC unit problems. We can help you save money on all types of AC services and maintenance tasks. To call for air conditioning repair in Vaughan, ring us at 647-277-9452.