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Heat Pump Failure: The Most Common Causes

Heat pump HVAC systems will begin to shift gears as fall approaches, giving the cooling air conditioning unit a rest while these heat pumps are called upon for heating. You may encounter heat pump issues that prevent your home from being heated adequately during the colder months. How can you rapidly resolve some of the most frequent heat pump issues and get your heating system back up and running?

Here are some issues for heat pump malfunction and the causes behind them:

  • Not turning on

Perhaps the most common heat pump complaint is that the device does not switch on. This is challenging because there could be several reasons why your heat pump isn’t even getting switched on.

It could be as simple as any faulty wire or the thermostat not being set correctly or calibrated correctly for the temperature in your home. Try to find out the problem, but you can also call a specialist such as Heat pump service Toronto to help repair and service in the best possible manner.

  • Temperature issues

Check that the thermostat is working correctly and set to “hot” with a higher temperature than outdoors. Check for system error messages or alarms if you have a smart thermostat. Take professional help like furnace repair Toronto.

  • Capacitor failure

If it’s something more serious, like a faulty starter capacitor, you’ll need the assistance of an expert HVAC professional like Heat pump service Toronto. Listen to the heat pump to see whether it’s the capacitor – if you hear a faint clicking; it means the capacitor isn’t getting the electrical charge to the motor correctly. Heat pump service plays a vital role in the longevity of a machine; thereby, it is advised to get it checked and serviced.

  • Blows cold air

Make sure your heat pump is adjusted to heat rather than cool if it spews cold air. It is also possible to be in defrost mode if the temperature is cold. Your system should resume regular operation in 10-15 minutes once the defrost cycle is completed. If your system keeps blowing cold air, look for a dirty air filter. If none of these suggestions works, you should seek further assistance from Toronto’s local heat pump service.

  • Trouble heating your home

Many of the same factors that cause a system to blow cold air in heat modes, such as a dirty house air filter, dirty ductwork, debris surrounding the outside unit restricting airflow, or dirty coils, can cause this problem. It can also be caused by physical barriers inside your house, such as wood obstructing vents and registers. All of these faults block airflow and make the device ineffective. Call a professional like Heat pump service Toronto to assess the situation.

  • Strange odours

The furnace may gather dust and particles with time, causing a strange odour that usually indicates a problem with your system. Sometimes it also suggests mould growth, animal intrusion into your unit or ducts. It can also indicate significant electrical issues and requires professional assistance such as heat pump service Toronto.

  • Not getting switched on

The following are the typical reasons heat pumps do not switch on; maybe your thermostat settings are pushed to the limit. If you have set your thermostat on too high or low, the unit will run continually to attain your desired temperature.

Use these thermostat suggestions to help you save money on your energy bills. The air filter has become clogged. The heat pump will not cool or heat your home correctly if there isn’t a constant airflow.

  • Stops working or freezes, tripping breaker

A damaged belt might cause the blower not to operate, which is nearly tough to repair, so you’re better off buying a new one. The internet search for furnace repair Toronto can help find skilled professionals when tied up in a situation concerning this.

It’s typical for your heat pump to ice if the weather is freezing. Switch off the defrost cycle if it does not run on its own, allowing the condenser unit to defrost. Also, ensure no blocked air vents and clean air filters.

  • Short cycling

If your heat pump regularly goes on and off, you may have a thermostat problem. Either the thermostat isn’t set appropriately or isn’t working at all. You can either recalibrate or replace the thermostat to remedy this. If you search furnace cleaning Mississauga on the internet, you can get professional help quickly.

Your heat pump may have a blocked filter that prevents it from blowing air properly in some circumstances. In this scenario, you should clean or replace the air filter. Also, evaluate whether you have a malfunctioning fan or valves preventing the heat pump from functioning correctly. A burnt out or disconnected cable might cause a defective air handler.

  • Failed blower motor

If your blower motor has failed, call a reputable, local HVAC professional like furnace repair Toronto to inspect your system, establish why the motor has failed, and estimate repair and replacement costs. As you can see, heat pump service issues aren’t necessarily due to a malfunctioning exterior unit.

Your heat pump’s thermostat informs it what temperature to maintain. If the thermostat loses electricity for any reason, it will be unable to communicate with the heat pump. As a result, you won’t be able to switch on your heat pump.

The absence of a display on the thermostat implies that it is powerless. Replace the batteries or, if you have a hardwired machine, examine the electrical circuit in your home. It’s a possibility that the circuit breaker has tripped or that a fuse has blown.

  • Problem with the fuse

A blown fuse may be identified and replaced by yourself. Before removing a fuse, however, be sure that the power is turned off. While there are a few simple solutions for heat pump difficulties, certified professionals such as furnace repair Toronto better examine and resolve any problems.

Bottom line

Prevent heat pump repair costs from spiralling out of control. These minor issues can quickly escalate into bigger one and are harmful for your HVAC system as well as for your family too. The sooner you fix the problem, the sooner you and your family can relax and resume normal activities.

Don’t put off dealing with heat pump issues. We at Martino HVAC can help save money on scheduled servicing for your system. Call 647-277-9680 or email here.