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Are Furnace Noises Normal?


Are Furnace Noises Normal?

As a heating system ages, it’ll often start to get louder. While a few sounds here and there are normal, if you start to notice drastic changes and loud furnace noises, it’s usually a sign that you’ll need to upgrade your HVAC unit soon.

There are a number of different sounds that could come from your heating system. Squealing sounds usually indicate a belt has come loose, while a rattling sound is indicative of a broken fan motor. Furnace noises are a warning that something isn’t working correctly in your system, and if ignored, they could lead to a complete system breakdown and expensive repair bills.

One of the best ways to prevent furnace noises from escalating is to ensure that you’re scheduling yearly furnace maintenance. During an annual inspection, a certified technician will clean, inspect and make adjustments to the heating system. A properly maintained furnace will require fewer repairs and experience fewer breakdowns than a neglected heating system.

Anytime there’s a significant change in your heating system, it’s cause for concern. Furnace noises are a warning that something is amiss in your heating system. Since there could be a number of underlying causes to heating system sounds—it’s important to have a professional come and inspect the equipment.

If you haven’t had a yearly furnace inspection—it’s not too late. You can still schedule a professional inspection to increase your furnace’s efficiency, productivity and longevity. Also, remember that a yearly inspection is required to maintain manufacturer warranties.

Contact us today to schedule your inspection or if you have any questions about your heating system. We’re always happy to help.

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