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What To Do When Your Furnace Is Not Working?

You must have faced unwanted and uninvited problems with your furnace, whether they be major or minor. Many furnace owners tend to call their technicians for furnace service in Vaughan as soon as they detect a problem with their furnace, but this is not the correct way.
If you call your HVAC technician for even minor problems, you may end up spending hundreds of dollars on your furnace. One of the most common problems is the furnace not turning on. Before calling your technician for furnace service in Cobourg, follow these steps first:

Air Filters
Air filters maintain the cleanliness of the indoor air and keep the pollutants and allergens away from it. If the air filters of your heating system are not clean or dust is clogging them, clean them thoroughly. Clean air filters and open-air registers ensure proper airflow of warm air throughout the house.

Pilot Ignition Light
If you start your furnace, but the fire does not light up, there is some issue with the ignitor or sensor. In usual cases, the fire lights up when you switch on the furnace, and warm air starts blowing into the house. But if the ignitor or sensor is dirty, this does not happen. You can check the error codes on your furnace user manual to decode the morse code. Locate the ignitor and sensor and take them out to clean them thoroughly, as they may be the reason why the furnace does not light up.

If you have a manual or old thermostat, ensure that it is on the correct setting and the room temperature is according to the weather outside. If you have a digital or latest model thermostat, ensure that its batteries are not dead and refer to its manual to understand its settings. You can contact a company for heating service in Quinte West to understand your thermostat better.

It may happen that due to voltage difference, the breaker or the fuse of the furnace may have tripped sometime, and you may not have noticed it. It can happen more often than you think and can save you embarrassment in front of your technician. Ensure that the power is on for the furnace before starting it.

Gas Supply
Your furnace runs on gas or fuel. Ensure that the gas supply is open and enough fuel is in it to supply to the furnace. If the fuel level is low, the furnace will not light up. Also, gas leakages or propane leakages can cause the furnace not to light up. Contact your HVAC company for emergency service if you smell propane leakages.

These are some common tips to find out why your furnace is not working. If your furnace does not start working even after following these steps, you should contact a professional to help you. Let Martino help you find out the reason. Look for heating service in Oakville, or contact us at (800)-465-5700.