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Watch Out for These Common Furnace Issues

As a furnace owner, you have to bear some expenses on its regular maintenance and servicing. We all need to deal with the maintenance issues of our heating system that need immediate repair. You can look for some common furnace issues on your own before it becomes a bigger problem which can make its repair more expensive.

Here are Some of The Common Furnace Issues Which You Can Watch Out For:

1. Thermostat not Working Properly: It is one of the most common furnace issues. If you notice that your fan is continuously running, then your thermostat isn’t working as required. You can check this issue by setting the fan on auto and seeing if it’s running at all heating settings.

2. Filter Becoming Dirty and Clogged: You will reduce your efficiency if your filter becomes dirty and clogged. It can also damage your limit switch. To correct this issue, clean your filters regularly and get better performance from your furnace.

3. Cracked Heat Exchanger: This issue takes place when you overheat your house or if you don’t replace your filter. This is a costly issue and can be diagnosed by a furnace technician. You shall replace the heat exchanger with a new one.

4. Frayed Blower Belt not Working Properly: The frayed blower belt is a part of the motor which runs your furnace’s fan. This issue is noticeable when your fan makes a squealing sound. To overcome this, the technician needs to replace the blower belt.

5. The Furnace is Unable to Blow Air: This issue can be caused by various reasons. The most common one is that your blower may be clogged by dirt. One more sign is when your blower is flashing the red light. To resolve this, you need to call a technician.

6. Ball Bearings Got Worn Out: The ball bearings in the furnace help in the proper working of its motor. With time the ball bearings will wear out because of regular wear and tear. If You can hear a scraping noise from your furnace, you need to call a technician to replace the ball bearing.

7. When The Furnace is Making Noises: The popping or rattling noise coming from your furnace can be due to several issues. Loose panels on the surface and improper functioning of the ductwork can be among the reasons for these noises. To repair this, you should call the technician as soon as possible.

8. Malfunction of Limit Switch: When your limit switch isn’t working the way it should, you will see that the furnace will be blowing even if it shouldn’t be. You will need a professional technician to repair this issue.

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