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Say No To Dry Skin This Winter With A Whole-Home Humidifier

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Say No To Dry Skin This Winter With A Whole-Home Humidifier

We can all feel the winter coming before we see it in the form of dry skin and chapped lips. Humidity levels drop this time of year because the cold air actually holds less moisture than warm air does. In turn, the air in your home actually feels even drier, because of your forced air heating! Your furnace is responsible for lowering the relative humidity in your home (the amount of moisture the air is holding relative to the amount it could hold at that temperature) because it is raising the temperature and therefore making your body feel like your home is dryer the warmer it gets. But living with dry air all winter doesn’t have to be the sacrifice you make – a whole-home humidifier will solve the problem and keep you and your family comfortable throughout the season.

Dry skin isn’t the only concern when it comes to low humidity. Did you know that a dry environment is the perfect ground for viruses and germs to spread indoors? For instance, black mould flourishes in dry environments and can cause serious illness as it poisons your indoor air.

Low humidity can also damage your furniture and even the structure of your house itself, since wood requires a normal level of humidity to maintain its shape. And with low humidity, you’ll notice an increase in your heating bills – dry air makes you feel colder, so you turn up your thermostat, effectively drying out your air even more. It’s a cycle!

Martino HVAC carries both Aprilaire and GeneralAire whole-home humidifiers to help keep your home from reacting to the cold winter air and causing you discomfort! No matter your home’s needs or its size, our expert staff will help you select one that will provide the important difference to your indoor air this winter. Remember, when you invest in a humidifier, it must be sized properly for your home. If it’s too big or too small, it will not work efficiently and will end up costing you much more than a properly sized unit!

Contact us today or submit a request online to get a free quote on a whole-home humidifier this winter.