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How To Know Your Heating System Needs Repairing

A heating system is a necessity in cold weather. It not only keeps you warm in the cold weather, but it also adds a lot of comfort to your home. Therefore, one wants their heating system to work correctly.

But this prolonged, cold weather can tax the heating system, and there is a fair chance that it might malfunction. To avoid this kind of thing happening, one must be aware of the system’s signs for servicing. Here is the list of symptoms that require repairing the heating system.

  • Strange Smells

If you smell an odor after turning on the heating system, it is due to the dust that burns. If this odor doesn’t go away after a few hours, it indicates a significant problem like the breakage of any mechanical part. The damaged parts smell like the burning of plastic or rubber.

You can fix it by changing the air filter or calling a repair service like heating repair in Oakville. You cannot ignore this strange smell. Besides, any smell from using the heating system for the first time also needs immediate attention. If one ignores the signs, it can cause a furnace failure, fire, etc.

  • An Unusual Noise

Any loud or unusual noise from the heating system is a sign of some malfunction with the system. This noise could be like screeching or banging. It occurs due to the breakage of any component or if any part is loosened.

  • Unusual Increase in Electricity Bills

Any sudden increase in energy cost is a sign that the system needs servicing and repair. This sudden increase in the cost is because of any leakage or clogged filter in the system.

  • Cold Areas

If the heat from the system is not well-distributed, i.e., in some areas, the heat is not reaching, or some areas are receiving extra warmth, it indicates that the system is not giving the heat efficiently. You can solve this problem with professional help like Brighton’s furnace repair.

Generally, the burner flames are blue, but the system requires urgent repair if they turn yellow. A yellow flame indicates carbon monoxide, which is harmful to one’s health. Hence, you should call professional help at the earliest. Furnace repair in Brighton can be a good option for furnace repair services in Oakville.

If the thermostat needs to be adjusted frequently, it is a sign that the heating system is not in good condition. A professional should repair it as soon as possible to avoid complete failure of the system.

  • Short Cycling

It means that the heating system turns on and off frequently. It happens when the heat exchanger overheats. It is a sign of a severe defect in the system. It should be repaired immediately to avoid any extreme circumstances.

If you face any of these problems and are looking for a repair service, we at Martino HVAC are ready to provide all the benefits and help you need. You can call us at 647-277-9720 or mail us here.