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5 Ways To Help Your Furnace Deal With Extreme Cold Weather

As winter approaches, homeowners need to figure out how to help their furnaces cope with the intense cold weather. To combat the cold the furnace should be tuned up after the summer season so that the winters are comfortable for you.

There are many ways to keep your furnace in good condition, and we will be discussing five ways to help you out. It would help if you took good care of your furnace system even before the winter approaches to keep you and your loved ones comfortable throughout the season.

How to Help your Furnace Unit Deal with Extremely Cold Temperatures?

1.  Check Your Thermostat
The thermostat is the main regulator of the furnace system that you use. Check the thermostat before the start of the season and make sure that it has been set at the optimum temperature needed to warm your home. If the furnace is left with the thermostat set at lower temperatures, then the parts associated with the furnace may get blocked, requiring time to start.

2.  Change the Air Filters
It is often advised that you change your air filters after using them for around 3 months. It will help avoid the collected dust blocking the airways. Blocked airways take up extra units, and thus the amount of heat produced can raise your bills. Blocked airways can also affect the furnace system as the trapped air inside the furnace can give rise to certain problems.

3.  Tuning Up the Motor Blower
A motor blower is the part of the furnace responsible for airflow. Thus, it would help to get the motor blower tuned up before the winter sets in. The motor blower needs regular oiling and servicing. So, you must contact a professional service provider to ensure it runs smoothly and avoid further problems.

4.  Have Your Chimney Serviced and Check the Ignitor Switch
The chimney might contain trapped flammable substances as furnaces are not used in summers. So, it is recommended to get the chimney cleaned by a trusted HVAC company. Also, make sure to see that the chimney is in good condition, so you won’t need to repair or replace it before the winter season arives.

If you have a gas flame, you should check the Ignitor switch. Make sure that the flame is blue. If the color of the flame is yellow, contact a service provider immediately.

5.  Cover the Condenser Unit
You must protect the condenser from ice or any other debris that falls on it during the winter season. This will avoid external cold affecting the room temperatures. You can also cover the top of the condenser with a wooden plank to avoid cold air contact with the furnace.

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