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You Should Consider Furnace & Air Conditioner Replacement Prior To Renovating Your Basement

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You Should Consider Furnace & Air Conditioner Replacement Prior To Renovating Your Basement

Basements were never meant to be living spaces; they housed mechanical equipment and maybe the washing machine. However, in the last few decades, families have turned basements into livable spaces to create more usable living room. Before you spend money putting up drywall and insulation for your basement renovation, determine if you’ll need furnace and air conditioner replacement.

The piping for both your furnace and air conditioner typically run in the basement ceiling between the floor joists. If you put up the drywall and install a furnace and air conditioner replacement at a later date, they drywall will have to be cut and removed to change the piping.

A properly installed HVAC system is designed to efficiently heat and cool your whole home. When there are significant layout changes, a professional can make adjustments to ensure the system stays balanced. When you add additional living space to your home and improve the insulation, you increase your home’s overall efficiency and will require less heating/cooling output to maintain the temperature.

Even if you do not want to replace your furnace and air conditioner prior to your renovation, it is likely you will need to run additional ductwork to the new rooms in your basement. When adding new ducts, remember: Never add ducts to an existing run to accommodate a new room.

Best practice is to add a new duct from the main trunk of the furnace to the renovated area. This ensures there will be proper heating and cooling to all rooms and no undue strain on your system.

Contact us today if you are considering renovating your basement and want to upgrade your equipment, add ductwork, or simply to discuss how the system and/or ductwork is installed.

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