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What To Expect With A New High Efficiency Furnace

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What to Expect with a New High Efficiency Furnace

The technology driving home heating systems has significantly evolved in the last decade, as great strides have been made in operation and efficiency. For homeowners that are used to an older heating system, upgrading to a new high efficiency furnace is a big change for them. So what should you expect with an upgraded heating system?

As the name implies, a new system comes with increased efficiency. Depending on when your old furnace was installed, you could nearly double your AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating. That means large savings on monthly energy bills.

The increased efficiency comes from smarter technology, so don’t be surprised to see some upgrades on your furnace. In a new high efficiency furnace, the old standing pilot light is replaced by an electronic ignition system. You’ll save energy by not having the pilot light burning constantly and this will also increase the AFUE rating.

Additionally, upgrading from an older heating system, you might be surprised at how quiet and trouble-free your new high efficiency furnace is. With regular yearly maintenance, your new furnace will likely run better and any problems that do arise could be covered under manufacturer warranties—keeping cash in your wallet.

Don’t forget that new high efficiency furnaces are also better for the environment, lowering your home’s carbon footprint. There are many benefits to replacing an older, inefficient heating system with a new one.

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