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Ductless Split Solutions

ductless solutions

Ductless Split Solutions

If you’re feeling that it’s time to upgrade some aspects of your home and get out with the old and in with the new, consider upgrading your home comfort system! Specifically, consider upgrading to a ductless split system for improved efficiency this summer and for years to come.

Ductless split solutions can be used in an abundance of ways, and today we’ve outlined a few of them that may help you determine if this home comfort system is the right investment for you!

One of the ways many people have embraced the ductless split solution for their homes is by replacing their existing central air conditioning unit with one. The system itself is significantly smaller than a central air conditioner and is made up of two main components. These components are connected by copper tubing that feeds the refrigerant through and allows your home to be cooled efficiently.

The most effective way to cool your home with this system is to install multiple indoor components throughout your home to provide a cool, comfortable temperature throughout. You can try installing a single indoor unit to cool your entire home by having it mounted in an open area on the second floor. Since cold air drifts downwards, the air produced from your ductless split system will effectively cool your second floor and drift down to the first floor to cool it as well.

Ductless split solutions are also especially ideal for homes that would require extensive construction for duct installation, as they are in fact ductless! The system itself is very quick and easy to install and incredibly versatile as you can position your indoor component wherever you’d like in your home.

Many people also opt for a ductless split system to actually complement their existing central air conditioning unit. A lot of homes have specific rooms that never get as cool as the rest of the house, and it can be a source of discomfort to spend time there. With a ductless split system installed in that room, you can maintain an even level of comfort within your entire home at all times!

Finally, one of the best draws of ductless split solutions is how energy efficient they are. Most of these systems are Energy Star certified, meaning that through using them, you’ll be making a much less negative impact on the environment and lowering your overall carbon footprint. Not only that, you’ll also see a significant decrease in your monthly utility bills thanks to the efficiency of the system!

Martino HVAC strives to provide quality service for all of our customers! Click here to learn more and see our selection of ductless split systems. You can also always contact us with any other questions you may have about any products or services we offer, we are more than happy to help!