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When You Should Call For Furnace Inspection?

Regular inspection of the furnace is a necessary part of maintaining its efficiency and life. Using your furnace continuously without any tune-ups or inspection may lead to its breakdown, and you may have to contact a company for furnace installation in Toronto for your new furnace.

You should know points like the benefits of regular inspections, how much does the inspection cost, when to schedule an inspection, and what happens during an inspection before finalizing a schedule for the same. Continue reading to know what happens during an inspection and how it benefits you:

Benefits of a Regular Furnace Inspection

You may feel that giving money to get furnace repair service in Brighton may not be worth it, but the long-term benefits of regular inspections are more important. Inspections ensure that your furnace system is working efficiently regardless of its age, and its sensitive parts are not facing any serious damage.

Also, inspections can remove the small technical issues in the furnace that may turn into hazards in the future after usage. Regular inspections ensure that you know how many more years your furnace can work for, so you can start looking for a new one beforehand. Inspections help in keeping the electricity bill under check as the now-repaired parts do not consume as much electricity as they did last year.

Average Inspection Cost

On average, the technician may take around $100 for the inspection, but this amount may differ as it depends on many factors like the model and company of the furnace, the area you live in, and the repairing works that the furnace needs. Contact an HVAC company to know their rates for furnace repair service in Cobourg.

However, the inspection cost is comparatively lesser than repair costs and replacement costs. So, it is better to spend money on inspection costs rather than spend it on costly repairs and replacements.

When to Call for a Furnace Inspection?

The ideal furnace inspection schedule is for each year, before the beginning of the winter season. The technician checks for any damage to the furnace that it may have incurred in the summer season.

A yearly inspection is enough for a new furnace that has been working for 5 to 7 years. But if the furnace is old and is reaching the age of 10 years, you may call your technician after every 6 months.

What Happens During an Inspection?

Now that you know the average cost and requirements of an inspection, you should know what the technician does during the inspection process. Here are some of them:

  • The cleaning and replacing of air filters in the furnace
  • The removal and clearing of drain lines for any debris and blockages
  • The overall inspection of the visual system for any faults
  • The measurement of the capacitor levels and the amp draw of the system

Inspections may cost you a lot even though they are necessary. Let Martino provide you with affordable inspection services. Look for furnace installation in Toronto, or contact us at (647)-277-9635