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What The Unusual Furnace Noises You Hear Could Mean

Furnace noise

What The Unusual Furnace Noises You Hear Could Mean

If your furnace is not properly taken care of, small problems could turn into big ones in a short period of time and end up costing you much more money. This is why proper furnace maintenance is imperative to maintaining your system throughout the winter months. By keeping an ear out for unusual noises coming from your furnace, you can better take care of your system and make sure your system doesn’t escalate beyond repair. Today, we’ve outlined what the furnace noises you hear could mean so you can call a pro and have a repair scheduled –fast!

Booming or Thudding

This is usually caused by a problem with a dirty burner or sometimes a buildup of gas due to delayed ignition. Carbon molecules can accumulate on the burner, clogging the jets which make them fire up later than they should have. It is recommended that a professional properly clean the affected burner so your furnace will return to functioning properly.

Rumbling VS Rattling

There is a significant difference between the two: if your furnace is rattling it typically means there is something that has come loose, like a bolt or part of a panel that can be easily fastened.

Rumbling, however, tends to mean a buildup of dirt and grime has accumulated inside of your furnace that is causing it to overwork. A rumbling can also signal a leak in the furnace which can be very dangerous. If your furnace begins to rumble, it’s best to take caution and immediately shut down your furnace and contact a professional.

Grinding or Screeching

If you hear a loud grinding or screeching kind of noise coming from your furnace, this usually signifies an issue with the motor or a piece of the motor, like the bearing or belt.

Intermittent Running

If you find your furnace constantly turning on and off by itself, this indicates that it is short cycling. This happens because your furnace is overheating and thereby forcing the limit switch in your system to turn on and off as a built-in safety measure. This will continue to aggravate your furnace until it breaks down. So make sure to call Martino HVAC for furnace repair service in Toronto right away if this happens to your furnace!

The noises we’ve outlined are just some of the most common noises that homeowners hear from their furnaces. Our technicians are fully certified and will ensure your furnace is running smoothly and properly.

If you’ve been hearing unusual furnace noises, contact Martino today to schedule a service call.