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How To Fix An Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air

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How to Fix an Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air

When the summer season hits, nothing feels better than stepping into your cool, comfortable home after a long day. What happens when you step inside and it’s just as warm as the temperature outside that you so desperately want to get out of? The air conditioner blowing hot air is making your home stifling, and it’s time to figure out what could be wrong.

There are a multitude of reasons for your air conditioner to be blowing hot air. The ones we’re going through today are some of the most common, but it is always best to check with a professional to ensure that there are no underlying issues that require immediate attention and service.

  1. Check Your Thermostat:
    More often than you’d expect, your thermostat has been simply switched to heat instead of cool. Ensure that your thermostat is at the correct setting and no further accidental programming has been set.
  2. Check Both Air Conditioner Breakers:
    Check that the indoor and outdoor breaker switches haven’t been tripped. The units are meant to work together but can still run independently, if ineffectively. If your outdoor breaker has been tripped, cool air will not be produced. Your indoor unit will still force air through the vents around your home but the air will not be cool.
    **You must exercise caution with tripped breakers!
    They exist to protect you in case of electrical current overload within your unit. Even if they’ve been tripped accidentally, you can’t be sure there isn’t a serious issue with your unit, so it’s best to seek professional assistance before you turn them back on.
  3. Check for Clean Air Filters:
    Ensure that your air filters are clean. Clogged air filters can prevent proper airflow, force issues and promote the problem of your air conditioner blowing hot air.
  4. Check that Your Air Conditioner has Proper Maintenance Scheduled:
    Keeping your air conditioner clean and up to date on all repairs is essential to maintaining proper working condition. Breakdowns, like your air conditioner blowing hot air, will be much less likely with professional care, so ensure that you schedule maintenance regularly to keep your home comfortable at all times.
  5. Consider the Issue of Low Refrigerant:
    Although this is not something that eventually happens through the wear and tear of your unit, it can occur and is one of the main reasons your air conditioner may be blowing hot air. Low refrigerant occurs when your air conditioner’s refrigerant line gets a leak and the refrigerant escapes. Low refrigerant can cause a lot of serious damage to your unit so if you suspect this to be the case, seek professional service immediately. You can learn more about low refrigerant here.

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