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Have Your HVAC Inspected After The Recent Flooding

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Have Your HVAC Inspected After The Recent Flooding

Last week was devastating for many Canadians. We saw historic flooding in Ontario and Quebec and we got close to a month’s worth of rain in just under a week here in the GTA. If you’ve experienced any flooding in your home as a result of the recent rain, make sure your HVAC system is inspected for damage. Even a little bit of water can ruin sensitive components in your water heater and/or furnace, which can cause a breakdown or a safety hazard.

Be Safe When Assessing the Damage

Furnaces and water heaters contain many electrical components. If there is still water in your basement, wait until it has receded before venturing downstairs. If you’re able, disconnect the power to your water heater and furnace until a certified professional has inspected your unit.

Water Can Damage Your Furnace and Water Heater

If you’ve had 3 inches of water or more in the basement, you’ll want to ensure that your furnace and/or water heater is examined as it’s likely they’ve suffered water damage. Electrical controls, burners, fans and filters are sensitive to water and dirt. Being submerged in water can cause these components to short, corrode and malfunction. A visual inspection may not be able to confirm the damage to sensitive components, so even if your unit looks okay, we always recommend a professional inspection.

Contact Your Insurance Agency to Determine Coverage

If you’ve had basement flooding, please check with your insurance company to confirm that they’ll cover a claim for replacement parts or, more likely, new equipment. Sometimes, flood damaged furnaces can be repaired, but many manufacturers and insurance companies mandate replacement as the liability associated with restoring flood-damaged equipment is greater than any savings gained from repairing equipment.

Contact us today to schedule an inspection of your furnace and/or water heater that could have been damaged due to floodwater. You don’t want to wait until next winter to discover that you’ve sustained damage to your home comfort system.

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