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Get Ready For Summer With Air Conditioning Maintenance!

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Get Ready For Summer With Air Conditioning Maintenance!

The last signs of winter are almost gone and every day is starting to feel more like summer. Soon, the hum of air conditioners will fill the air as the temperature steadily climbs. Ensure your cooling system is ready for the upcoming summer season and schedule your air conditioning maintenance now!

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Air conditioning tune-up and condenser coil cleaning
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Yearly air conditioning maintenance is important to keep your cooling system efficient, safe, prevent premature breakdowns and ensure all warranties remain valid.

Ensure Safety

Faulty electrical wiring or leaking coolant can create a safety hazard for your cooling system. During comprehensive air conditioning maintenance in Vaughan, a certified Martino HVAC technician will ensure that your unit is operating safely and does not pose a threat to you or your home.

Increase Efficiency

A high-efficiency air conditioner cannot work properly if air is restricted. A yearly air conditioning tune-up and condenser coil cleaning will ensure that your unit is free of debris, allowing air to flow freely. Annual maintenance and cleaning can increase the efficiency of your system by up to 20%!

Prevent Premature Breakdowns

Neglecting to maintain your air conditioner can lead to premature breakdowns. Issues that should have been caught by a technician can balloon into expensive repair bills or full system breakdowns. A yearly check can keep a lot of money in your pocket!

Maintain Manufacturer Warranties

If your HVAC system was recently installed, you’re most likely covered by a limited parts warranty issued by the manufacturer. To ensure that your warranty stays valid, you are required to have annual maintenance performed by a certified and licensed technician. Air conditioning maintenance in Mississauga from Martino HVAC will ensure your warranties stay valid!

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