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Don’t Blame The New Furnace, Blame The Old Insulation!

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Don’t Blame The New Furnace, Blame The Old Insulation!

Properly installed high-efficiency furnaces that are maintained annually to manufacturer specifications should contribute to significantly decreased monthly energy bills. We recently discussed how these new furnaces work and how they can help you save by wasting less fuel. If you’ve had a new furnace installation and have not seen a decrease in energy consumption, you may have a problem with your insulation.

Insulation is an integral part of your home comfort system and prevents unwanted heat transfer, helping to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. When there is missing or subpar insulation, the warm air your furnace produces leaks straight outside. The best furnace in the world cannot make up for the fact that heat is escaping as fast as it’s being produced.

Areas of your home that are under-insulated or missing insulation altogether will allow for drafts and uneven heating. Improperly installed insulation can also contribute to poor indoor air quality, as it is a perfect breeding ground for mould and other undesirable bacterial growth. A new furnace can filter out the polluted air, but if the insulation is not replaced, it will be a constant struggle to filter out all of the impurities.

Under-insulated homes are often only remedied during a full-blown renovation. It can be difficult to get proper insulation in the walls and ceilings without causing major disruptions. However, one easy way to increase insulation efficiency is to head to the attic. Adding more blown insulation to your attic is fairly non-invasive and doesn’t involve construction or demolition.

A new furnace will only work efficiently if there is proper insulation to keep the heat generated inside the house. If you are experiencing higher than usual energy bills after a new installation, remember to check the level of your insulation!

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