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Before Attempting To Hide Your Air Conditioner Condenser, Read Our Tips!

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Before Attempting To Hide Your Air Conditioner Condenser, Read Our Tips!

We are firmly in nice weather territory! This month, we celebrate the longest day of the year, which means many people will be enjoying their backyard oasis with friends and family. While the air conditioner condenser is an important part of your cooling system, it’s not always located in the most convenient spot and some homeowners go to great lengths to hide their outdoor unit.

If you’re looking for ways to disguise your air conditioner condenser, please make sure that you’re not accidentally creating a situation in which your unit malfunctions or completely breaks down.

Allow Sufficient Airflow

The most popular way we’ve seen homeowners hide their air conditioner condenser is to enclose the unit behind a fence, screen or latticework. To prevent overheating and a breakdown, ensure that you always allow sufficient airflow around your unit. It’s recommended to have a minimum of 12” clearance around all sides of the air conditioner and 5’ clearance above it. Never box in your unit with a solid structure—you must allow ventilation through large lattices or screens!

Ensure Your Unit is Accessible

Sometimes, a picture on Pinterest might look nice, but there are practical limitations to how it will function in real life. If you decide you want to disguise your AC condenser, make sure that a certified technician will be able to safely reach the unit to perform air conditioning repair and maintenance. Never install permanent structures close to your unit that would prevent someone from being able to access your unit.

Keep Pests Away

Previously, we discussed the problems pests could create if they entered your HVAC system and ways to keep them out of the heating and cooling systems. We’ve seen some beautiful gardens planted around air conditioner condensers in an attempt to hide them. Unfortunately, those beautiful gardens may also attract the pests that will cause damage. Make sure any plants that are used to hide your condenser are far enough away that they don’t attract squirrels or mice to the unit.

Please keep in mind that air conditioner condensers are an important part of your cooling system and to keep them safe during any attempts to beautify your backyard!

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