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Tips for New Homeowners that Want to Upgrade the Air Conditioning System

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Tips for New Homeowners that Want to Upgrade the Air Conditioning System

Moving into a new home is exciting, but for those that previously lived in apartments or condos—homeownership can come with a steep learning curve—especially when it comes to the mechanical systems.

During the home inspection, the air conditioner should have been examined—so AC replacement should not come as a shock when you move in. However, it can still be daunting to organize an air conditioner upgrade after your move. Make sure that when you go to replace the air conditioning system—you choose a reputable company.

Electrical Permit Required

When it comes to upgrading an air conditioner in Ontario—the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) requires that installers take out electrical permits. In the past, some heating and cooling companies try to save money by doing the electrical work without the permit, which can result in fines and electrical work that doesn’t get inspected. Make sure when you schedule your AC replacement, the company you choose to work with takes out all necessary permits.

Air Conditioner Placement

You might have big plans for landscaping around your new home—but remember that sometimes there are limitations on where the upgraded equipment can be installed. For example, in many new subdivisions—because of the space between houses and an uncompleted lawn—the AC condenser has to be installed in the backyard on brackets. Even though some homeowners would prefer installation on the side of the house—local bylaws prohibit it.

A reputable installation company will always clearly explain how local bylaws impact air conditioner installation and follow all safety regulations. Make sure you spend some time researching the installation company you’re going to use and make sure to ask about local bylaws and whether they plan to take out an electrical permit to do the work.

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