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The Best Place for HVAC Information, Tips and Promotions

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The Best Place for HVAC Information, Tips and Promotions

Welcome to our new blog!

Since 1987, we’ve been on a mission to build a company that would improve the quality of homes and the lives of the families living in them. Serving the Greater Toronto Area and Quinte Region, we’ve been successful in doing so and are always looking for more ways to bring you the best in home comfort, hence the new blog!

We feel that if we can provide HVAC information and some of our knowledge to our customers online, it can help you make more informed decisions to keep you comfortable for less. We’ll be posting weekly about seasonal topics and offers from both us and our manufacturers that can save you money on repairs, service or new purchases.

We offer indoor air solutions for residential new construction, custom homes, retrofits and light commercial applications. We design systems, manufacture components, install equipment and provide services for those in need. So when you think about Martino HVAC, understand we’re more than tin bangers and furnace guys, we’re professionals, we’re friends and we’re here to help.

Some of the topics we’ll be covering on our blog are:

  • Heating Products Pros and Cons
  • Cooling Products Pros and Cons
  • Indoor Air Quality Products Pros and Cons
  • Efficiency Tips
  • Safety Tips
  • Seasonal Promotions
  • Cautionary Tales

These discussions will always make a couple of key recommendations as to what is the best thing for your home comfort system and your wallet. Those are maintenance and protection plans.


Maintenance is the most important thing you can do to keep your home comfortable and efficient. With proper maintenance, your system will operate more fluidly and with inspections and advice from our professional staff, you’ll be aware of any inefficiencies and can prevent extra repair costs by spotting problems early.

On average, maintenance is only necessary once a year for each HVAC unit, but it is very important that you do have it done at least once a year. Click here to schedule a service call with Martino HVAC.

Protection Plans

Our protection plans exist to help preserve your systems and can save you money in the process. Repairs are one of the most expensive parts of owning an HVAC system and they’re often needed at unexpected times. Protection plans start as low as $20 per month and cover you for up to $1,000 in repairs.

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than when your system breaks down, your house is swelteringly hot and you’ve got to fork out some cash for a pricey repair. Click here to keep your system safe.

If you have any questions about HVAC information or about any of our services or offers, you can reach out to us by phone at (800) 465-5700, visiting our website or on Twitter and Facebook.