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Your Dirty Air Filter Might Be Making You Sick

Indoor air must be healthy and clear of allergies and other pollutants for a house to be healthy. If you have an HVAC system or furnace, you should be aware of the need for ac maintenance in Vaughan and a clean air filter, which might otherwise make you or your family ill. Allergens and other pollutants must be removed from the air. Make sure your home’s HVAC system has a clean air filter to maintain optimum indoor air quality.

Here is How a Dirty Air Filter Could Make You Sick –

1. What is in the Air?

You’re undoubtedly well aware that air pollution, such as smog, may negatively impact your health. Even though you can’t see them, millions of tiny molecules float around through the air. Despite their opacity, they can degrade your indoor air quality and produce a range of horrible symptoms.

Sensitivity and asthma symptoms can be exacerbated by polluted indoor air. Millions of microscopic particles swirl around and in your home’s air, even if you can’t see them. Dust mites, pet dander, pollen, and mold too can all circulate.

To fight these symptoms, ensure your air filters are clean with regular air conditioning maintenance in Mississauga. Particles are prevented from entering your home’s airflow and dispersing throughout all rooms using air filters. If these particles block your HVAC system, it will not function correctly and may even malfunction.

2. So How Do Dirty Air Filters Make You Sick?

You can become ill from air conditioning systems. The primary reason is the development of bacteria, particularly Legionella, in the water systems used to cool the air.

You must either replace or clean your AC filter with professional AC maintenance in Vaughan based on your equipment. Your AC filter will start to fail if you don’t change it. It will no longer effectively filter the air, allowing dust and pollutants to enter the air conditioning system. The functional elements of an air conditioner, such as fan motors and valves, become clogged with dust.

3. What Happens if You Don’t Clean the Filter?

The passage of cold air is restricted by a filthy air filter, which causes it to build up within the air conditioner and reduce the interior temperature. Uneven cooling? Even if the airflow isn’t limited enough to cause freezing, it’s bad for your air conditioner’s cooling capacity.

4. When Should You Replace Your AC Filter?

It will reap optimal benefits if you stick to changing your air filter about once a month. The size of your home determines the regularity with which you should do this. If you have pets, the degree of pollution in your neighborhood contributes to the air quality.

People suffering from infections or other respiratory issues require a clean filter. If you have allergies or maybe asthma, you may want to replace your filter more regularly. We can help you save money on expensive AC repair and maintenance services. To book the best service for air conditioning maintenance in Mississauga, call us at 647-277-9452.