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Why Your Home Needs A Clean Furnace Filter

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Why Your Home Needs a Clean Furnace Filter

Your home stays comfortable and warm all winter long thanks to your well-functioning furnace. But it can only do its job properly if all of its parts are working well, and if it has a clean furnace filter.

Just like all air filters, the furnace filter cleans dust, hair and other debris from the air being blown into your home. It’s what allows your home to have good breathable air indoors without the risk of allergens and pollution.

However, the filter can get very dirty over time, which can lead to it becoming too resistant for the air to properly blow through and cause significant airflow trouble. This will affect how efficient your system is and affect your overall home comfort.

And comfort isn’t the only aspect that will suffer from a dirty filter. If warmed air can’t pass through it properly, it will flow back into your furnace where it can force overheating in your system. This can force breakdowns and various damage to your furnace which will make it inefficient and lead to pricey repairs. A clean furnace filter helps to significantly prevent overheating and potential breakdowns!

Keeping a clean furnace filter will allow for your system to run more efficiently as the warmed air will have no issues moving through the clean filter. If your furnace is struggling to expel air, it works harder and will result in higher bills each month.

Finally, make sure that your furnace is running with the correct filter according to its MERV rating. MERV is the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value and lets you know how your furnace filter works according to your heating system to keep your air clean. The correct MERV value that fits yourfurnace and home correctly is important as to not cause any unnecessary inefficiency from being too high or too low.

Martino HVAC can complete all of your furnace maintenance Oakville and clean and replace your furnace filter. Contact us today!