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Schedule AC And Furnace Replacement At The Same Time


Schedule AC And Furnace Replacement At The Same Time

It’s unlikely that your furnace and air conditioner will breakdown at the exact same time. Often, one system will stop working before the other. When that happens, homeowners are faced with a tough decision. Do you replace both units at the same time or wait and replace as needed? We suggest AC and furnace replacement in Mississauga at the same time to increase efficiency and home comfort.

Unmatched vs. Matched Systems

When heating and cooling systems are installed at the same time, they are matched.

Matched systems are designed to work together to achieve maximum efficiency and home comfort. Unmatched systems occur when only one system is replaced, leaving an old, inefficient system trying to keep up with a new, efficient system.

Benefits of Matched Systems

In central air conditioner and furnace systems, both units use the same blower motor (in the furnace) to circulate the heating and cooling throughout the home — so having a matched system is imperative for year round home comfort, efficiency and longevity.

  • Increased Home Comfort: A heating and cooling system that is working together will increase your home comfort by maintaining stable temperatures and air quality throughout the house. Unmatched systems often suffer from uneven temperatures.
  • Increased Efficiency: If you install a high efficiency AC and don’t replace your furnace, you won’t get the advertised efficiency of the air conditioner unit. Matched systems are needed to increase the efficiency of both units.
  • Increased Lifespan: With a matched system, you’ll have an increased lifespan of both units, since they will be working in conjunction with one another—not against.

Another thing to consider—if you decide against AC and furnace replacement in Barrie at the same time, you could invalidate your warranties. Some manufacturers will not honor a guarantee if the new system is combined with an older unit that affects its lifespan and efficiency.

Right now is the best time for AC and furnace replacement in Brighton. Not only are there IESO incentives and Daikin promotions available, but you can be proactive and schedule replacement on your terms—not scrambling when your furnace stops working in the middle of winter.

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