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Mistakes That Can Lead To Premature Furnace Replacement

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Mistakes That Can Lead To Premature Furnace Replacement

Furnaces are an investment and can have long lifespans if maintained correctly. Unfortunately, there are common mistakes homeowners make that lead to premature furnace replacement in Mississauga or costly heating service calls. Make sure you are not accidentally harming your heating unit!

Closing Vents in Underused Rooms

There is a persistent myth that closing vents in the rooms you don’t use will save money on energy bills. In reality, there aren’t any cost savings to this practice and you could actually be damaging your furnace. Heating systems and ducts are installed to maximize efficiency to all parts of the home – changing the configuration by closing vents puts strain and pressure on the heating unit which can have serious repercussions.

Blocking Vents with Furniture

Rearranging furniture can lead to couches or curtains sitting on top of floor vents. This creates the same situation as purposefully closing vents. Prolonged strain to the furnace from accidental blocking or intentional closing of vents can lead to a damaged heat exchanger – the most expensive furnace part to replace. Often times, if a heat exchanger breaks, furnace replacement is the cheaper option!

Neglecting Air Filters

Running a furnace with dirty filters restricts airflow which causes hot air to build up in the furnace. Eventually it will overheat and engage a safety feature – the limit switch – which prevents the furnace’s burners from igniting. Repetitive overheating will likely lead to a breakdown and require Brighton furnace replacement.

If you think that you may be putting your furnace through serious strain, schedule heating service to ensure that permanent damage has not occurred. As always, the best way to prevent premature furnace replacement in Richmond Hill is to have a certified HVAC technician inspect and tune-up your heating system annually. Regular inspections and cleanings keep your heating system running safely and at peak efficiency.

Stay warm and keep your furnace functioning!

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