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Know And Understand HVAC Warranties

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Know And Understand HVAC Warranties

Making the choice to install a new HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system is a big decision and an even bigger financial investment. After having the system installed, it’s important to know the terms, conditions and limits of different HVAC warranties to ensure you don’t end up paying for parts or repairs that you thought would be covered.

Every manufacturer has different terms for their warranties – the main difference being the length of time a warranty is valid. Some have 5-year warranties, while others offer up to 12 years. Make sure that when shopping for a new HVAC unit you take into consideration the length of the warranty offered by the manufacturer.

Most HVAC warranties do have the following in common:

  • Most manufacturer warranties cover parts, but they usually only cover large system components. Things like air filters and fan belts are not usually covered.
  • Extended warranties often require registration and usually have to be completed within 60 days of installation. Many people neglect to register their products and forfeit the right to have future repairs covered!
  • The company that does the installation offers their own service or labour installation warranty – manufacturers usually do NOT provide a bundled parts and labour warranty.

Another important consideration is that there are conditions and restrictions on HVAC warranties. Keep these in mind as you make decisions about your home comfort systems:

  • Most warranties are only valid if a certified HVAC technician did the installation. This also applies to subsequent repairs.
  • Annual inspection and maintenance is usually a requirement to keep a parts warranty valid.
  • Records and receipts might be required to validate the warranty. This is especially true when it comes to repairs and maintenance. Always hire professionals and make sure to keep copies of everything related to the unit to ensure that HVAC warranties remain valid.

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