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How To Troubleshoot Your Home Heating System?

Heating systems experience normal wear and tear throughout the course of their lifespan. Regular maintenance might help avoid minor failures. Homeowners are frequently faced with circumstances in which their heating system malfunctions in the middle of the night during the winter. It could be the most terrifying nightmare you’ve ever had. One can always contact furnace service in Vaughan However, in the meanwhile, troubleshooting might be attempted.

Let’s have a look at some troubleshooting tips to help you get the system back up and running.

The thermostat is the first and most important thing to look at. Homeowners should double-check that the thermostat is set to the desired temperature. Try setting the thermostat to “heat” and keeping the thermostat at 68-degree Fahrenheit.

The thermostat should be set higher than the outside temperature to provide enough warmth. Homeowners should ensure that the proper configuration is in place.

  • Exterior Unit

Examine the external unit of the heating system. Examine the system for any debris that has accumulated. It usually accumulates dead leaves, dust, and dirt from the surroundings.

The homeowner should clean the outdoor unit regularly. A clogged exterior unit may obstruct the unit’s passage and cause the heating system to malfunction.

  • Reset the Heater Button

A reset button is available on modern furnaces. Homeowners might check for a button that resembles a “power” button. And then press it.

This will clear the minor mechanical issues and reset the unit. The furnace will restart. If the furnaces still haven’t started, it’s time to call furnace service in Vaughan.

  • Examine the Power Supply

A power loss is another major cause of furnaces not turning on. Check that all of the switches are turned on. Check the meter box to confirm that the main power supply has not been tampered with.

Look for the heat pump and switch on the breaker outside the condensing unit. These switches contain high voltage; homeowners should take extreme caution when working with them. Dealing with electrical lines without technical understanding can be dangerous. Thus, it is always recommended to see professional furnace installation in Vaughan service to guide you.

  • Look for the Gas Source

The gas sources are shut off most of the time, disrupting the heating system’s operation. Check the gas valve; it should parallel the lever and pipe. It should be parallel to the floor at all times. The perpendicular to the floor shows that the gas valve has been deactivated.

Homeowners should also look for rust on the pipe connection. Examine the surrounding surface for wetness. It is recommended that you contact your gas company before turning on the pipe.

  • Adequate Airflow

Homeowners should ensure that nothing is in the way of the heating system. If the system does not receive enough airflow, it will shut down. This is frequently caused by filthy air filters or registers closed.

Examine all the vents and make certain that all filters are clean. Filters should be replaced every three months by homeowners.

If the heating system has not started working, it requires technical guidance. Consult our expert technician by calling us at (647) 277-9635. You can also drop us an email at [email protected]