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How To Spot A Dirty Evaporator Coil In Your AC

Trying to keep your HVAC system tidy is half the problem in maintaining the AC with air conditioning service in Toronto. You can’t overlook the need to clean and replace your air filter. Replacing your evaporator coil is equally vital to the effectiveness and health of your HVAC system.

The evaporator coil is meant to absorb heat from the airflow, reducing the supplied air temperature. When the evaporator coil isn’t cleaned regularly, this could cause a range of problems. If you’re not sure if your evaporator coil needs to be dusted, look for the indicators listed below –

1. Low Cooling

A dirty evaporator coil could be responsible if your air conditioning system isn’t chilling your house as well as before. Grime obstructs the evaporator coil’s way of removing heat from the air. As a result, if your coil needs cleaning, the most apparent indication you’ll notice is considerably less cooling action from your air conditioner.

2. Lower Efficiency

An evaporator coil’s normal operation reduces the temperature of purified air. For example, if the external air temperature is 85°F and the regulator is set to 74°F. This 85°F air will pass via the evaporator coil, where a refrigerant will collect any excess hot air, drop its heat, and then disperse the chilled air into the conditioned portion of the home. This process will continue until the air has been refreshed and the temperature has decreased to 74 degrees Fahrenheit.
When an evaporator coil is broken or unclean, it has a hard time absorbing extra heat from purified air, resulting in lower heat holding and longer air-conditioning system run durations, which reduces the home’s energy savings.

3. Higher Utility Bills

If your electric bill has increased without a shift in weather or consumption habits, your air conditioning unit may be running longer due to a dirty evaporator coil. Because a dirty coil is less productive at collecting heated air, your model will operate more. You may need to run your air conditioner for long periods to keep your home cool.

How To Fix This Issue?

While a filthy coil may appear to be a small inconvenience, it is critical to respond promptly. The added stress that a dirty coil puts on your air conditioner over time may cause it to break down prematurely. It is why routine maintenance by an air conditioning service in Cobourg is essential. A standard tune-up should comprise the following components –

  • Routine inspection
  • Evaporator coil cleaning
  • Air filter cleaning/replacement

Evaporator Coil Maintenance

Evaporator coil cleaning should be performed by a qualified HVAC technician from a Toronto air conditioning service. It’s vital to manage and sanitize your building’s evaporator coils when humidity levels hit 90 degrees or higher. The owner can schedule preventative maintenance to maintain the evaporator coil and compressor component clean.
We can help you save money on all AC repairs and maintenance, including evaporator coil repair. Get the best air conditioning service in Mississauga at affordable rates, call Martino HVAC at (647)-277-9452.