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Heat Pump Services & Its Maintenance Cost

A heat pump is an essential technology in all houses and companies. Therefore maintaining and servicing it from time to time will save energy, maintain durability, and repair. Heat pumps run throughout the year, and therefore they need servings and maintenance.

Different Types of Heat Pump Maintenance Costs

  • While the average cost of fixing a heat pump is roughly $330, the price varies significantly based on the type of service necessary.
  • Heat pump maintenance, in general, refers to repairs to either the unit or the thermostat.
  • The cost of repairing or replacing a thermostat is often less than the cost of maintaining the unit itself, with average expenditures averaging around $200.
  • When it comes to heat pump service in Toronto, your specialist will first need to diagnose the problem before advising you on the following steps.
  • Heat pump maintenance costs will typically fall into one of the following categories:
    o Technician costs
    o Coil repairs
    o Condenser repairs
    o Furnace or air handler repairs
    o Other repairs or replacements

It’s vital to remember that the cost of servicing a heat pump is determined by the unit’s condition, size, age, location, brand, extent of damage, and previous maintenance history. Regularly servicing your heat pump system will also reduce the risk of harm to any of its essential components, as well as the amount of out-of-pocket charges you’ll have to spend during the life of the system.
Technician Costs

Your unique heat pump service provider will determine the cost of a technician visit which can be divided into two categories:

  • • General Service Requests
  • • Preventative Maintenance yearly

A standard service call will cost between $50 and $180, with an hourly charge for additional labor ranging between $80 and $160. You should perform preventative maintenance at least once a year, and the average cost is $80 to $130 per device, plus $25 for parts.

Coil Repairs

Four types of coil repairs:

  • Pressure Switch ($25 – $50)
  • Metering Devices ($25 – $75)
  • Drain Pans ($70 – $250)
  • Evaporator Coils ($160 – $400)

Condenser Repairs

Parts of a heat pump condenser:

  • Capacitors ($150 – $250)
  • Line Dryers ($150 – $300)
  • Contractors ($150 – $300)
  • Fan Blades ($150 – $400)
  • Control Boards ($200 – $650)
  • Reversing Valves ($200 – $650)
  • Fan Motors ($250 – $650)
  • Lineset ($400+)
  • Condenser Coils ($650 – $1,500)
  • Compressors ($1,500+)

Furnace or Air Handler Costs

Parts of air handler:

  • Circuit Breaker ($80 – $200)
  • Limit Switches ($150 – $200)
  • Blower Motors ($200 – $950)
  • Wheel and Cage ($200 – $450)
  • Circuit Board ($250 – $600)

Other Costs

There are also several other potential repair costs related to heat pumps that should be considered. One should replace air filters regularly to keep a heat pump in good working order. Standard filters cost between $80 and $150, while high-efficiency filters cost $150 and $350. Cleaning and draining fees, which generally cost at least $80, should also be included.

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