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Guide To Fixing Home Heaters

Since the dawn of time, faulty pieces of equipment have been a bane to humans. The winter season has people scrambling to repair their often neglected furnaces. Keywords such as furnace repair in Quinte West find new highs on google trends.

You can solve most of these problems with some simple, timely repair. Consider this article your guide to repairing home heaters by yourself.


  • The Heaters do not Work

One of the typical troubles with a home heater is that it simply will not turn on. Due to the problem’s ubiquity, several factors can be the reason. One of the first steps is to check if the thermostat and fan speeds have been set to auto.

If you have increased the temperature by five degrees or more, be sure to give the heaters ample time to bring the house up to the set temperature.

A common cause why the heaters won’t turn on is a broken fuse or wiring; be careful when checking for broken wiring. You can solve the problems in this category by having a reputed company install your heating system. A search such as furnace in installation Barrie will provide excellent results.

  • The Heaters Behave Unnaturally

Some of the most uncomfortable sensations you can experience are when you turn on your heaters, expecting a comforting blast of air; you hear strange sounds coming from the furnace or a complete lack of hot air.

The simplest diagnostic will be to check the air filters to ensure they are clean and the filters are free of any debris. A dirty air filter cannot pull heat effectively from the furnace, thus reducing the amount of heat available.

Dirty air filters can also cause overheating the furnace, leading to more significant problems if left unchecked for an extended period. Older furnaces use a pilot light to keep the unit working; if the pilot light does not work, it can lead to a system failure, be sure to check the pilot light frequently to ensure that it is up to par.

  • Random Cold Spots in your Home

At times you might find that certain rooms or parts of some rooms have some cold spots in them. An old window that cannot seal completely will let hot air escape from your home to the outside. It reduces the temperature near these areas. Ensure that all windows shut tightly and that broken windows are repaired as soon as possible.

Broken ducts can also reduce the heat delivery to rooms. The damage to the vents can be due to natural wear and tear, lack of maintenance; however, regular maintenance and replacement of damaged parts will ensure smooth delivery and circulation of air.

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