Duct Sealing

Martino HVAC is a Greater Toronto Area duct sealing service provider!

We use a patented breakthrough technology that tackles duct leaks from the inside out. The process puts escaping air under pressure and causes polymer particles to stick first to the edges of a leak, then to each other until the leak is completely sealed.

Without Duct Sealing …

20% to 40% Air Leakage

3 out of 4 homes experience unintended air entering into and out of the ductwork.

Lost Conditioned Air

Duct leakage results in air not getting to the intended locations in your home, resulting in higher energy bills, reduced air flow, and comfort issues.

Poor Air Quality

Untreated and unfiltered air from crawlspaces, attics, wall cavities, and other spaces can be pulled into ductwork and enter the home air stream.

Overworked HVAC

Your system is forced to work harder trying to get air where it is designed to go.

With Duct Sealing …

Up to 30% Energy Savings

Reduce duct leakage by up to 95% and your energy bills by up to 30%.

Increased Comfort

Reduce temperature differences between floors and hard to heat or cool rooms for additional comfort throughout the home.

Improved Air Quality

Reduce dust, allergies, and pollutants entering the air stream and in your living areas.

Extend Your HVAC Equipment Life

Extend the life of the most expensive system in your home by reducing the effort your HVAC equipment needs to meet your comfort needs.

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Prep the Area

Pressurize the Space

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