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Common Furnace Repairs And Problems You Should Know

When the winter arrives, the furnace becomes the most needed appliance in your home. Before starting to use the heating system, you need to check it. You also need to know the furnace problems to approach the perfect solution. If you find any issue with your furnace, schedule a heating repair in Toronto. Also, regular maintenance of the heating unit will keep its efficiency optimal.

Seven Common Furnace Problems And Their Repairs

If you have a heating unit at your home or your workplace, you should be aware of the following common heating issues. You should also know how to manage the HVAC issues perfectly.

Everyone should be aware of the fact that the air filters get dirty with time. A dirty filter blocks the airflow and affects the efficiency of your furnace. Thus, you are noticing that your furnace is not heating your home as it would be, then change the air filter. It will also save you from several allergens and dust that can cause respiratory disorders. You should inspect the filter periodically and change it every two to three months.

  • Observe the Starting Mechanism

Every furnace has a different mechanism for starting. Usually, furnaces have a pilot light, whereas some have electronic ignitions. If the pilot light or the electric ignition fails, call your HVAC expert and plan a  heating repair Mississauga, and get it to fix.

  • Check the Blower Bearings

A blower bearing is part of a furnace that blows the warm air into your home. The aging of the heating unit can cause the wearing of the ball bearings. To avoid such issues, you should use oil to lubricate them. Also, if you find any wear-off in the ball bearings, replace them by planning a heating repair in Brighton.

  • Inspect the Heating Exchanger

A heat exchanger is a crucial part of a furnace. Any malfunctioning or a crack in the heat exchanger can affect the performance of your heating system. The only solution to this problem is to call your heating experts for a furnace repair in Oakville and replace it.

A thermostat controls the temperature of your home according to its settings. Insufficient working of the furnace can be due to a defective thermostat. Change the batteries and reset them. If the issue still exists, let your HVAC technicians handle it.

  • Check the Blower Belt

A blower belt is a part of your furnace blower. There can be some breakage in the blower belt, causing insufficient heating. Along with this, the belt can slip out of its location. In such a case, replace the belt in its position, and the furnace will work efficiently again.

  • Fix the Limit Switch

A limit switch keeps your home safe. It detects the heat inside your heating unit and turns the blower fan on and off accordingly. If the limit switch is malfunctioning, contact your technicians to repair or replace it.

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